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EKU-REGAL A 25 GR Forslide (FS)


EKU-REGAL A 25 GR FS moves a top-running Forslide design aluminium frame door weighing up to 25 kg design over the full height of the shelf or cabinet. The running and guide tracks are groove mounted. Door installation is extremely easy: Adjustment takes place using the well-tried EKU eccentric height adjusting facility. A 4-point guiding and stopping mechanism provides extremely safe operation. The aluminium frame doors in the 40/22 mm design can easily be cut to size to suit the required door dimensions and installed without problems.

Area of application

System benefits

  1. Door "floats" in front of cabinet
  2. No tracks visible
  3. Simple customizing of the aluminium framed door
  4. Continuous height adjustment
  5. Intermediate stopper for free door positioning

Technical data

  • 25 kg
  • 22/4 mm
  • 2200 mm
  • 1200 mm