October 2009

Ready for the Future: an EKU success story

Sirnach company EKU AG carried out a series of workshops for its employees over the last 15 months or so under the motto of “Change – Ready for the Future”. In these workshops the participants conciously dealt with change processes and the effects thereof.

“The opportunity for employees to become involved in discussions is a matter of course at EKU AG – and one of the keys to the company’s success” says Heinz Schmidhauser, managing director of EKU AG. However, the number of creative and profitable ideas that have been introduced has taken everyone by surprise – including the managing director.

A total of 1500 ideas and improvement suggestions have been obtained in the various work processes within 15 months and continuously implemented. This represents an average of 15 ideas per employee. Heinz Schmidhauser is positively surprised: “We never anticipated this kind of success when we started out. The workshops and the permanent presence of the “Change – ready for the future” topic have triggered some real dynamics in our employees, which have now led to this extremely pleasing result".